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Empire Truck Rebuilders, Truck Parts, Truck Repairs, Tulsa, OK


We realize your truck and equipment is what makes you money. Why not let us assist you in your damage repairs.


Empire has over 50 years of experience working on just about any truck or piece of equipment you can think of, spanning over 3 generations in the Tulsa Area. Whether it's a wreck or you just need to clean it up a little, we are only a phone call away.


Call us at 918-446-3567 or email us at



Truck Frame/Alignment

We take pride in our ability

Straightening frames is like a well.....a deep subject!!! Empire has over twenty years of experience in straightening frames. Our reputation is that we straighten them like they are supposed to be straightened. We utilize our own In Floor "I" beam design and "BEELINE" Alignment Equipment. We have straightened frames thought to be junk with major success over the years. So when a frame rail can be corrected, it in turn saves our customers a lot of money and down time.


Truck Frame in need of straightening by Empire Truck Rebuilders

Truck Frames are straightened by Empire Truck Rebuilders

We straighten damaged
frames like this one

Empire knows what to do and does it right!


Empire also has Axle Correction Services on Front and Rear Axles and Axle Housings. Most of the time we can straighten them on the truck, again saving time and money for our customers.


If you have any questions regarding a frame or axle that needs to be corrected, just email us and we will be glad to contact you.



We straighten damaged truck frames like this one. We provide Axle Correction Services on Front and Rear Axles
Alignment of damaged truck frames is our business. Truck Alignment requires special skills and equipment. We have both.
Truck Alignment and Frame Straightening by Empire Truck Rebuilders Empire Truck Rebuilders, Tulsa, Ok repairs damaged truck frames
Finished Truck Frame Repair - ready to go on the road again

On the road again....