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Empire Truck Rebuilders, Truck Parts, Truck Repairs, Tulsa, OK


We realize your truck and equipment is what makes you money. Why not let us assist you in your damage repairs.


Empire has over 50 years of experience working on just about any truck or piece of equipment you can think of, spanning over 3 generations in the Tulsa Area. Whether it's a wreck or you just need to clean it up a little, we are only a phone call away.


Call us at 918-446-3567 or email us at



Truck Repair Services

We take pride in our ability

Working on Trucks is something we all take great pride in here at Empire. We are known all over for doing things the correct way and want to make sure that our customers are happy with the job when they leave.


With well over 100 years of combined knowledge of all kinds and makes of trucks, service bodies, oil field equipment, towing equipment, emergency vehicles just to name a few. I suppose we would just about work on anything from a Tri-Cycle or Cattle Chute, to a 100 Ton crane or a Concrete Pumping Unit. But really we mostly work on Class 6 to Class 8 Tractors and any kind of truck body you may have.

Wreck Specialist

Wrecks are our specialty, We are very thorough and don't like to jump to conclusions on "How much it will Cost" until we have the wreck torn down so we can carefully review all components that have damage and write a complete estimate up front. We feel it's better to make the decision on whether or not it is cost effective for the Insurance Company and most importantly our customers. It's never a good situation to be half way into the repairs and find out you have a total loss, so we won't go there. It may cost a little up front for teardown and inspection, but it will save a whole lot verses a truck that shouldn't have been repaired to start with. It's never a decision we like, because we actually loose a job when we decide it should be totaled. But that is the way we do business.  If we tell you it should be totaled, it comes from many years of experience.


When it comes to frame work we consider our frame techs to be the best in the industry. It's actually an art to reverse the frame damage and most people that see us straighten a frame cannot believe what it takes to get the truck back into itís original condition. We never heat a frame rail, We just use a lot of pressure and many Jacks, Rams and Chains to get it back where it belongs. We have several customer's state-wide that we will bring us their "Framework" because they know it will be done right and they won't need to bring it back later. We use Bee-Line Frame and Alignment Equipment; and when the frame is complete, we line it up with our Laser Alignment Equipment.


We do all kinds of Alignments from Motor Homes to Refuse Trucks. If you are interested in an Alignment for your Vehicle, Please give us a call for an appointment. Our Alignments are by appointment only.


Are you looking at a truck on the new truck lot that's not the color you would like it to be and you donít have time to order one? Well that's what a lot of our customers have said, and we will be happy to change the color for you. Or do have an older unit that just needs a Face Lift, we can assist you here as well.


We also specialize in painting oil field equipment from pumping units to Wireline units. Please call us for references, We will be glad to share them with you. Any Color or any stripe work or design, just let us know.


Yes, we even install decals. We can even get them made for you. We still install them the old fashion way too. Give us a call if you have any questions regarding your decal needs.