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Empire Truck Rebuilders, Truck Parts, Truck Repairs, Tulsa, OK


We realize your truck and equipment is what makes you money. Why not let us assist you in your damage repairs.


Empire has over 50 years of experience working on just about any truck or piece of equipment you can think of, spanning over 3 generations in the Tulsa Area. Whether it's a wreck or you just need to clean it up a little, we are only a phone call away.


Call us at 918-446-3567 or email us at



Truck Wreck Specialist

We take pride in our ability


Grandpa always said when it comes to fixing a customers wreck, “Just lick your calf once son”, meaning in Cowboy terms to get the job done right the first time. That's what we strive for here at Empire.


A badly wrecked car or truck is "not a problem" at Empire Truck Rebuilders
Not A Problem!


We are the “Wreck Specialists” and we will get it done right. After we repair a major wreck, we take the extra time and effort to "Test Drive" the truck and do our best to work out all the little problems that so often are associated with a major rebuild. We have years of experience in driving and checking trucks that we have repaired, making sure they are as good or better than they were before the accident.


Arrival of a wrecked truck at the Empire Truck Rebuilders Facility

Arrival of wrecked truck at Empire Truck Rebuilders Facility


Wrecked Truck before we repaired

Mouse over image for larger view

Wrecked Truck after we repaired

Mouse over image for larger view


We never wish for anyone to have a wreck, but it's a fact of life, We all tear things up from time to time. We are here to assist you in getting your truck back on the road or in the field, back to making you money!


Wrecked Truck being repaired by Empire Truck Rebuilders Wrecked Truck being repaired back to new by Empire
Click to enlarge
A badly damaged truck -Image 1

Click to enlarge
 A badly damaged truck -Image 2

Look below to see the truck pictured in Images 1 and 2 after repairs by
Empire Truck Rebuilders!
Wrecked Truck repaired to good as new by Empire Truck


We do Clutches, Flywheels and Bell Housings also
We do Clutches, Flywheels and Bell Housings also


Following are a few of our finished complete rebuilds of wrecked or damaged trucks.  If you have work that needs to be done on your truck, call us at 918-446-3567.

Click images for larger view

002_finished_6401.jpg 007_finished_6401.jpg 008_finished_6401.jpg
044_finished_6401.jpg 143_after1.jpg r_side_finished_6401.jpg